My steering is stiff, someone said it might be my power-steering? [450]

It is unlikely to be a power-steering on a fortwo as most don’t have power steering. It’s more likely to be the universal joint in the steering column. There are two, one inside the car and one outside the car. One is under the under tray, and is exposed to all the water and rubbish thrown up from the roads. *safety note potential hazard item* There are two options: 1. Replace the steering column or remove it, clean it, re-lubricate it and replace it. 2. Check the power steering fuse, then the control box connection, check for corrosion and good fit, contact cleaner may help. If still not working properly then it needs to go on a star diagnostics machine and have someone experienced have a look. It could be the control box, the electric motor or steering column or steering rack. *safety note potential hazard item*