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I heard a funny “Twang” noise from the front of my car, do I need to worry?

Yes, the noise could be the top of one of the front coil springs shearing. Did you find an inch long piece of black/rusty semi-circular metal nearby? The front end of the car suffers all the crashes and bangs you too feel from the car’s suspension. The springs seem to rub in the top cup causing damage just as it locates in the top cup. Over a period of time this gets worse until the spring shears off. NB always have both replaced and always and change the top mounts as the design has been changed. They are usually replaced in pairs. *safety note potential hazard item*

My fortwo headlights make a funny noise, what might be causing this?

It’s probably the headlight adjustment motor, they can fail and the noise you hear is them perpetually adjusting. Replacement or disconnect and correct setup on a MoT alignment unit are the alternatives. April 2012 brings new mot legislation that may require new units fitted and aligned with adjusters working correctly.

When I change gear in my Smart car there is a little ‘Ptchew’ noise I can hear, is something wrong?

Well, if the boost level is increased or a free flowing air filter fitted you will hear this noise, it the sound of the boost in the turbo being released as the throttle is closed.

When I accelerate in my Smart car I get a whistling noise that goes up and down with the revs, why?

It sounds like the turbo has a damaged inner part, the impeller blades can spin up to 2000 times a SECOND and any damage to these special blades will make a whistling noise.