Introducing the Smart-Tow System

You may wonder how it is made possible when you see a Smart car with no driver being towed by a camper van. The Smart-Tow system can be fitted to many small cars. Please view the video below to see the fitting on a Smart Car and visit our Smart-Tow album on facebook to view more images.

Tow frame system fitting (Customer to purchase direct from Smart-Tow) inc spares and number plate clipsFitting only costs inc VAT
Smart 451 model/Ford Ka / Peugeot 107 / Citroen C1 / Toyota Aygo / Toyota IQ / Fiat 500/ VW Up / Skoda Citigo / Seat Mii (Flylead installation)£ 559.99
Smart for two 450 model front mounted socket only installation£ 649.99
Front mounted socket and connecting cable installation on the above vehicles£ 649.99
Service of Smart-tow system 3 hrs labour (remove front of car check crash member for stress fractures check all mountings and fitting and fixings every 12 months or 5000 towed miles whichever sooner)£ 210.24
Numer Plate clamps (pair)£ 9.99
Recommend the following spares
Breakaway pins (each) x1 qty£ 14.99
D pins (each) x2 qty£ 4.99
7 to 13 pin adaptor (oe mercedes unit £29.99)£ 8.49
Connecting 7 core cable£ 21.99
Connecting 8 core cable£ 39.99

Nb. prices correct at the time of publishing, please call to confirm latest prices and availability

Tow Bars for Smart fortwo

It is also possible to tow small trailers with your Smart car. A Smart-Tow tow bar may be fitted to a new Smart fortwo [451 model] and has been homologated for light towing up to 450kg. Tow bars listed for the Smart 450 may not be used on a public highway.
Tow bar fitted to model:Fitted price inc. VAT
Smart fortwo [450 model] (1998 – 2007) (off-road use) no type approval£ 519.00
Smart fortwo [451 model] (2007 – on) (off-road use) no type approval£598.60
Smart fortwo [451 model] (2007 – on) German TUV type approval on the unit£ 799.00
Smart Roadster [452 model] (2003 – 2006) German TUV type approval on the unit£ 867.00

Nb. prices correct at the time of publishing, please call to confirm latest prices and availability.