AC’s LSD Roadster – A Lambo Style Door Conversion

LSD Vertical Door Kit

The LSD (Lamborghini Style Doors) conversion from the KW Automotive Company offer more than stunning looks and cool appeal – they also offer better access and egress. Without the modification, the long Roadster doors require the door open fully to get out, often meaning you kick the lower door panel while getting out.

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A Brabus Roadster Review Courtesy of evo magazine

Silver Brabus

This is an EVO magazine review of a 2005(ish) Roadster Brabus. Annoyingly, this is not a showroom version of the barking V6-engined special that Brabus confected last year.

The legendarily mental tuning firm may be famed for gallon-into-a-pint-pot engine transplants on regular Mercs but this Smart had to be built on the same line as the normal car, which meant ditching outsized motors in
favour of stock mechanicals. But nor is this simply a smoke-and-mirrored alloys rebadging exercise.

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Roadster RCR vertical door kit

We have been lucky recently to get to fit some LSD (Lambo Style Doors) vertical doors to a beautiful Smart Roadster RCR, this low mileage car with only 12,000 miles from new is in excellent condition and really looked after and loved by its owner.
The RCR mimics the style of the fabled V6 Red Brabus cars built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Solituderennen race.
Both the car and the vertical door kits are very distinctive and always draw attention. The kit supplied by KW Automotive GmbH have been in production since 2003 (we fitted our first kit on a LHD 80 Roadster in 2004) and the comprehensive kits feature quality components and precision construction with the TUV type approval meaning it has been tested and exceeds the highest testing standards.
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