We are probably the biggest fans of the unique Smart Roadsters and Roadster Coupés. We buy them, sell them, service them, repair them, restore them, customise them ,uprate them and cherish them. No one else knows as much about these lovely little fun sports cars as we do.

These superb little cars are more in vogue and in demand now then when they were produced and retain a look that has not aged them, no other sports car offers such a versatile and affordable driving experience.

Our aim is simple, to find, buy, stock and sell the very best Roadsters we can possibly find. To sell the very best cars to our customers and take the risk and stress out of buying a Roadster.

With these cars now having been out of production since 2007, locating good low mileage examples and sound, straight cars has become more and more difficult.

We travel the whole of the UK and even sometimes abroad to locate the best cars for customers, we have a set system for inspection and checking of all cars we look at, typically we buy around 1 in 5-6 we look at.
Once we locate suitable cars they are sent off through our workshop for a detailed and comprehensive inspection and a series of thorough checks, before being advertised ready for sale.

We know how easy it is to end up buying the “wrong car”, we have seen it so often when customers would turn up in cars that they had just brought elsewhere thinking they were OK to only find a huge list of issues and essential repairs, we take the risk out of buying a good roadster.

Our fully trained technicians are experts in knowing exactly what to look for and how to work on Roadster and Roadster Coupés, and as everyone knows there is no substitute for years and years of “hands on” experience.

There is no other company that has more knowledge and passion about these iconic cars and when you see our stock you will see just how good the cars we offer are, the very best cars only, but something for everyone at all budgets.